• It is rare that you come across standout talent like Debbie.I was particularly impressed by Debbie's ability to listen, absorb and interpret the skills that were needed for the role I was looking to fill and her candidate profiling was second to none. That skill often takes years to develop, but it seemed to come perfectly natural to her. Debbie would be a true asset for any organisation and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

  • I have worked with Debbie for over ten years and during that time she has supported me with numerous roles, in different organisations. Debbie is brilliant, she is always a pleasure to deal with and is first class at what she does. Her ability to understand the challenges extremely quickly, coupled with her extensive network, makes her stand out from the competition. I would highly recommend her.

  • Debbie is a pleasure to work with and always delivers. She understands our business and continues to provide excellent candidates. Her work ethic is faultless and her passion is clear to see. I would have no hesitation in recommending Debbie to other organisations.

  • I have worked with my recruiting agents and headhunters in the past, but the level of detail, professionalism, great attitude, fairness for both the candidate and the hiring company that Debbie demonstrated, was by far the most outstanding one I have ever dealt with.
    She possess the human touch in running a complex process of dealing with the company and the candidate, works as a skills developer and a strategic agent as well. Her integrity and concern about ensuring that both parties' needs are met by setting proper expectations and ensuring those expectation were met, amazed me and I really admired her thoroughness.
    I highly recommend Debbie for your hiring, job seeking needs. She is truly a star.
    Ina Rabieh
    HR Sr. Manager

  • Debbie is a dedicated and perceptive professional who demonstrates great insight, honesty and charm at all times.

  • Debbie is the most perceptive person I have ever met. She reads people so well, takes the time to appreciate the needs of the business she's recruiting into and matches candidates better than anyone I've ever worked with.

    Debbie is very thorough when getting to know her candidates and clients. She appreciates each individual for their strengths and weaknesses and is honest and open about this when presenting her options. As an employer, this offers a much broader basis for discussion when candidates interview as it isn't a one sided process and can give less "obvious" candidates the chance of a life-changing opportunity. These have often been the best hires for me and makes my role as a manager far more satisfying - everybody wins.

    To Debbie, people are much more than just a CV and it's never about "bums-on-seats" for her, it's about fitting the right person to the right organisation/culture/role. I've also heard this from a lot of the people she's placed with me, for both permanent and temporary positions. She will proactively seek out the right person and skills for the position, understanding my style and approach as a manager and again, being perceptive in what suits each situation.

    I would highly recommend Debbie to recruiters and candidates alike. She’s a gem!